Venture Capital


Trivèlla M3 FIP


Trivèlla M3 FIP was launched in May 2011 with committed capital of R$ 12 million. It was the first fund of Trivèlla M3 and raised only with partners of the manager. The Fund had a diversified investment thesis and focused on early-stage companies. The management of the Trivèlla M3 FIP was the responsibility of Trivèlla Investimentos S.A., manager of the same economic group of Trivèlla M3 Investimentos (the same key team, at the time) and that concentrated the management of resources before the establishment of Trivèlla M3 Investimentos S.A in 2015.
In total, the fund invested in 4 companies, all of which companies within the technology sector with solutions in hardware and/or software in various segments. The Fund terminated in October 2018, with the sale of the last asset in portfolio: the company Veltec Soluções Tecnológicas S.A.

Vintage: 2011
Committed Capital: R$ 12 million
Investment Thesis: Investments between R$ 1 and R$ 4 million in technology companies/early stage.
Invested Companies: 4
Status: Terminated (October/2018)