Venture Capital

Trivèlla M3 VC4

Trivèlla M3 VC4 FIP Multiestratégia was launched in October 2018 and is the new flagship fund of Trivèlla M3. The Fund has a 7 years term and aims to invest in technology companies that present hardware and/or software solutions and minimum revenue of R$ 15 million in the 12 months prior to the Fund’s investment or revenue of at least R$ 1 million in the month preceding the investment.
The Fund will invest in up to 08 companies in process of national and/or international expansion, through organic growth or through market consolidation. The fund made its first investment in November 2018 in Infoprice, a company located in São Paulo – SP.
The Fund is in its investment term, with a heated pipeline, and still fundraising.

Vintage: 2018
Committed Capital: R$ 150 million
Investment Thesis: Investments between R$ 10 and R$ 30 million in technology companies with revenue over R$ 15 millions per year.
Invested Companies: 1
Status: Investment.